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Wilinsky and Sternick set the tone for the collection with “I Ate the Whole World to Find You,” a story featuring Will, a budding chef stuck working at a poolside snack bar, and Olympic hopeful Basil, who is tired of the constant comparison to Michael Phelps. Readers will be charmed as the two headstrong characters overcome misunderstandings, finding common ground and romance.  Shelf Unbound.

Lighthearted romances kick off in Short Stuff, a young adult LGBTQ+ anthology that raises the stakes with each story.  Foreward Reviews.

Kicking off with an Olympian prospect and the aspiring chef who steals his heart, Tom Wilinsky and Jen Sternick’s “I Ate the Whole World to Find You” alternates perspectives between Basil, an intensely focused swimmer preparing for Olympic trials, and Will, the pool’s snack bar cook. *** ...a fresh taste of sweet beginnings and hopeful endings. Publishers Weekly.

Mixed messages and miscommunications launch the first tale, “I Ate the Whole World To Find You,” by Tom Wilinsky and Jen Sternick, as two teen boys, an Olympic hopeful and an aspiring chef find stability with each other.  *** Throughout, characters face coming-of-age challenges like worry about leaving home, risking friendships for love, and struggles to fit in. The collection goes well beyond LGBTQ problem stories and handily centers budding relationships. Kirkus.

Our short story, I ATE THE WHOLE WORLD TO FIND YOU will launch June 9, 2020 in the anthology SHORT STUFF, published by Duet Books.


Sparks fly at the local swim club when the manager orders Will, a snack bar chef with culinary ambitions, to cook for the club's surly Olympic hopeful, Basil, who is furious when Will’s first special is a “Basil Rickey.” Challenged by their conflicting ambitions, Basil and Will clash—until they both learn the importance of breaking out of their lanes.  


It’s a great beach (or pool!) read, filled with food, misunderstandings, and all the fears and hopes of two ambitious boys who both think they know what they want.


We are honored to announce that Snowsisters has received several awards. 

A young adult novel
out now
from Interlude Press/Duet Books
Soph, a private school girl from Manhattan, and Tess, a public school student who lives on a dairy farm in New Hampshire—are thrown together as roommates at a writing conference for teenage girls. Over the course of the weeklong conference, both Soph and Tess learn about each other, the compromises some people have to make for safety, and how to be true to themselves in ways they never expected
About  Us:

We're Tom and Jen.  We met in high school and started a conversation which, years later, is ongoing.  

About Tom: Tom lives in New York with his partner and the world's most beloved orange tabby cat, Newky. He likes cold weather, anything with zombies in it and old cars. Never has he ever…been picked first for a team in Phys. Ed… used a selfie-stick… gotten Jen to watch an episode of South Park....

About Jen: Jen lives in Rhode Island with her husband, two kids and a cranky seven-toed cat named Sassy. She likes live theater, visiting any place she's never been before, and admits to a mild Twitter addiction. Never has she ever...won a game of Scrabble...remembered the lyrics to the The Big Bang Theory theme song… been able to convince Tom to read a self-help book…


About Never Have I Ever Books:

We're  both avid readers and share book recommendations, strong opinions and recipes.  Tom is gay. Jen is straight. A couple of years ago we started writing the stories for LGBTQIA+ teens that we couldn't find.


Tom & Jen are available for

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Critical Praise for Snowsisters

"SNOWSISTERS offers a delightful and much-needed opportunity for LGBTQIA readers to find themselves starring within the pages of novel, but the message is a universal one:  We are the architects of our own stories, and we are the ones who decide when and where those stories are told.  A wonderful, important debut."

- Jodi Picoult, NYT bestselling author of 



“At the heart of this timely, well-crafted novel is a beautifully rendered relationship. Soph and Tess, different as night and day, meet at a women’s writing retreat in the middle of winter in the middle of nowhere. What happens between them will touch your heart, as all good stories do. A shining and promising debut.”

- Sarah Weeks, NYT bestselling author of

  the award-winning novel SO B. IT

"A compelling portrayal of two young girls from different worlds headed after what they want but slowing down enough to connect and remind us that strength and doing the right thing can be all kinds of messy and complicated--I'm all over that!"

- M-E Girard, author of Lambda Literary

Award Winner GIRL MANS UP

"In a narrative where learning a writer's craft fuels each coming-of-age, the clear literary metaphors for diversity, tradition, and modernity are both thematic and thoroughly satisfying."

                                                                                                                             - Kirkus Reviews

"A great voice for the teen reader ... cover grabs the eye ... 'Judy Blume' feel!"

                                                                                                    - Feathered Quill Book Awards Judges' Comments

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